The Casino Omni Slot Tournament Started on November 15th with $ 18K

For its final tournament of the year 2013, the Omni casino has announced a major $ 18,000 slot tournament, with prizes for players of all levels, from regular players to those who like to gamble a lot.

Entry to this tournament is automatic for players who bet $ 0.45 or more on any slot line between 15 and 20, following which they will win a tournament point. The leadership chart is updated regularly for each bet level, from $ 0.45 to 1.49, from $ 1.50 to 3.99, and from $ 4 upwards. With players at the top of each bet level winning the best prizes at the end of the promotion. For example, at the bet level of 0.45 to 1.49 the top 65 players on the leader board will win prizes from $ 1,400 to $ 15,000. The first 25 players at level 1.50 and 3.99 will win between $ 1,450 to $ 30,000 in cash, while those at level 4 and above, the first 15 players will win prizes between $ 1,700 and $ 80,000.

Extra prizes will be won whenever the leader board is updated, with players in privileged places earning an instant bonus of $ 55! Every time someone accumulates 115,000 points during the tournament he will be rewarded with an additional $ 400, while players who get 140,000 points will win $ 600!

Anyone who has been playing the slot game at the Omni casino between the 1st of November and the 14th has the opportunity to win $ 5,000 and will earn 2500 tournament points to get off to a great start, giving loyal players an opportunity to win big cash prizes.

The Mega Money slot tournament is the largest tournament in the history of the Omni casino and comes at a special time to give players the opportunity to win extra money for Christmas.

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